God’s power is demonstrated by this line, which appears in Matthew 19:26. It’s a common subject throughout the Bible. Declaring God’s ultimate authority and undisputed might, the phrase “with God, all things are possible” is a powerful statement.

Though this statement is what we often hear and see, such as in decorations and events, we must understand what it truly means. Here we will elaborate on this phrase and discuss why all things are possible with God.

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Relevance of Matthew 19:16-30’s Context

The best way to prevent the phrase “with God all things are possible” from being misunderstood is to understand it in its context. Thus we must go to the place where the phrase is used. We must turn to Matthew 19 to fully grasp the meaning of this phrase.

“Matthew 19:16-30 is the story of the rich young ruler who came to Jesus asking what he must do to have eternal life (v. 16). Jesus responds by saying that he must not only follow all the commandments but also give up all his possessions to the poor and follow him (vv. 17-22). Far from preaching a works-basis salvation, Jesus was exposing the young man’s treasures that were keeping him from devotion to Christ. Upon hearing this radical command, the rich young ruler goes away “sorrowful, for he had great possessions” (v. 22). Jesus then turns to his disciples and tells them that “it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God” (v. 24).” (Reference: Crosswalk.com)

In their minds, the rich had the best chance of making it to heaven because they had every advantage. The disciples were surprised by it. “So who can be saved if not the rich?” That was the disciples’ logical conclusion.

“If the wealthy couldn’t compete,” they reasoned, “then no one else can, either!” At this point, Jesus responds by saying “This is impossible for men, but with God, all things are possible.”

Meaning of the Phrase

“With God, all things are possible” was originally used in reference to salvation. The only person who can save humanity is God because “all things are possible” for God. It is the ultimate illustration of the conflict between human will and God’s will. God’s grace is the sole means of attaining eternal life.

So, in its original context, “with God all things are possible” means that only God can redeem sinners and grant them eternal life. This power, whether for salvation or anything else, cannot be seized by a person. So, we are supposed to have and apply the virtues of submission, humility, and faith.

Given that God’s plan for our lives includes both success and failure, we must trust that whatever He has planned for us will work out in the end.

Misunderstandings of the Phrase

The phrase “with God, all things are possible” is often misunderstood by people who believe that if God is on our side, we can accomplish anything we desire. We mistakenly use God’s power as a lucky charm, claiming that it provides us the power to pursue any goal or achieve any goal.

The actuality, however, is quite the opposite. God is not working for us; we are working for him. While it is true that God is constantly with His children and gives us strength, He does not ensure that we will be successful in every endeavor we embark upon.

A misinterpretation of this term might lead to a sense of self-doubt and despair. Even while God is all-knowing and all-powerful, He does not grant us the authority to use that power for our own ends. It was only after Jesus prayed, “All things are possible for You,” that He said, “Yet not what I will, but what you will,” to the Father in the garden before He was crucified. Jesus was obliged to surrender to the will of the Father because of the reality of God’s full authority.


Despite the magnificent reality that “with God all things are possible,” it is important to remember that we should never expect God to use His power to fulfill our every wish or request. He is our salvation to live in His paradise, and we must do what He plans for us according to his will.

With all that being said, we have given you sufficient knowledge on why all things are possible with God. We hope that we have helped you better understand this phrase that people often misinterpret.

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