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The obstacles that you encounter shape who you are as a person. It may not always come in heaps of happiness – sometimes, blessings are also found in trials and challenges.

Trials not only test your faith in God, but it also tests your perspective and how you look at negative things in life. As God leads you through many hardships, allow yourself to be open-hearted and believe in His promises. The unpleasant situations that we didn’t want to be allowed us to see God in a different light. It also shifts us in a direction that sets us off course. Therefore, expectations are thrown out the window. Problems regarding relationships, family, finances, and health can quickly take us to a dark place.

The question is, how do we see the blessings through all the downpours of rain? How will we be able to survive the storms when God’s voice is too hard for us to hear? What is the best thing to do so we won’t steer in a tragic direction?

Seeing The Blessings Through The Rain

Trials are a part of life; we can do nothing to change that. Still, that does not spare anyone from the surprise when challenges come their way. Most often, people look at trials as a bizarre thing to experience. While it’s a fact that life can take us by surprise, we must put it in mind that trials are a permanent part of our lives. We may not see it coming, but know that such uncomfortable situations are inevitable. 

Even Jesus Himself suffered a lot during His ministry that even He asked God to spare Him from the agony He has been feeling. But realistically speaking, so are we if Jesus was not an exemption. Life’s challenges present a set of things that are either new or unresolved. If it has recurred in our lives, the Lord must be trying to teach us a lesson that we unconsciously refuse to learn.

The Trials We Experience Are For Our Own Good

Regardless of what happens to us, God is the sole reason we can still have confidence in our faith, with the assurance that He is always in control. And when God is in charge, nothing will genuinely go wrong. The passage found in Romans 8:28 provides comfort to those going through various struggles in life.

As long as we remain in our love for God, He will ensure our safety and, at the same time, make us realize that we can only rely on Him. God’s faithfulness lasts for a lifetime and beyond. No reason to be entirely swallowed by sorrow and despair when the rain becomes too strong. It may be confusing at first, and we do not know nor understand why trials happen; what matters is that God’s salvation is still at work within us. Everything will fall in its proper place, whether today or another day.

Trials We Never Saw Coming

In case you are unaware, God will never give us trials we cannot bear. He knows our capacity and how much we can handle at a time. That’s why even if we think our current problems are the hardest ones we have ever had, the Lord is gracious enough to guide us with His gentle hand. If we feel the heavy load, Jesus offers to take our yoke because He will help us carry through it. Sometimes, we may not know it, but when we face trials, God is beside us, putting His complete confidence in us. He assures us that He will fight our life’s battles so we won’t feel alone. Courage, patience, and steadfastness are all traits that God will give us so we can power through and make an escape from our tribulations.

Consider It All Joy

When the storms of life come, we typically respond with depression, shock, anxiety, anger, frustration, and bitterness, among other negative emotions. God did not want us to handle trials that way because it would lead us down a path worse than before. We must believe in God’s promises that He will deliver us through it and have a mindset aligned with God’s word. We must look at our hardships as a source of joy, no matter how difficult it is for us to do so.

And if you find it hard to be joyful in the midst of it all, Borichevska`s book about trials and challenges in life titled “She Let God Write Her Story” encourages us that God is always on our side regardless of what happens. 

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