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She Let God Write Her Story by Yelena Borichevska is a story of devotion, depicting the wonders and blessings people receive once they open themselves entirely and willingly to the will of God.

Born in Rivne in west Ukraine, Yelena Borichevska has always devoted herself to following God’s plans and establishing a personal relationship with Him. Through deep piety and meditation and in a time of significant change and shifting paradigms, her studies and conviction in God’s perfect design led her to migrate to Vancouver, Washington, sometime after the attack on the Twin Towers. Although she found herself in a foreign land surrounded by strangers, her willingness to surrender to the Lord and trust His infinite wisdom culminated in trials and tribulations, ultimately finding herself and her place in the world.

To Borichevska, Faith is the starting point for grabbing that chance—that perfect chance—at eternal bliss and a flourishing life full of virtue and contentment. God is your most incredible resource, helper, and advocate, always willing, never hesitant, and eternally waiting until you accept Him into your heart and, through the Holy Spirit, help you achieve your wildest dreams.

She Let God Write Her Story by Yelena Borichevska is a profoundly moving and deeply insightful account that helps wondering Christians take the initiative to open up to the infinite grace and eternal wisdom of God.

What Happens When You Let the Holy Spirit Flow through You?

The unpredictability of life is hardly a secret. Despite some certainties and assurances, there is never a hundred percent when it comes to things. People will always be like blind men groping at a dark cave’s walls when it concerns their future. You might hear the winds blowing through the cavern, but sometimes that doesn’t mean anything. There are infinite possibilities about what could happen, each as creative as the other. And sometimes, when you are confident—boom! —you discover your calculations were way off the mark.

So, how should people live then when everything is all so uncertain?

Well, first off, some things are certain. The sun will certainly rise, the rooster will crow, and the taxman will come. Those things have a level of certainty of their happening. When it concerns their immediate surroundings, people have difficulty finding the inevitability. But just because many things are uncertain does not mean that those things are necessarily bad. God is fair and merciful. What He throws your way has meaning, regardless of whether you think it is good. What is imagined as a terrible uncertainty might be the seed of a brilliant bloom.

And that is the genius and artistry of God’s plan. What is, for most people, a wrong moment can be the potential for great fortune further down the road—the whole breadth of creation dances to the tune God set in motion when He permitted existence. Man’s folly and myopic vision disallow them from perceiving the broader picture—God IS in the details of everything, and you should take that leap of faith.

Acceptance of God’s infinite grace and eternal wisdom is the best course of action for navigating this chaotic and incomprehensible world. Human life is full of disorder and clutter; it is only through God’s plan that people can make any semblance of coherence and structure. But what does it mean to accept God’s will in your heart?

Infinite Possibility Exists in Faith

Living life is not easy, especially in these odd and uncertain times. Every corner hides a challenge, and every dawn brings anxiety. But by entrusting yourselves to the care of the Lord, you walk beside Him, shaded in the shadow of certainty, and have the opportunity of infinite creativity. Walking with God, everything and anything becomes a possibility. God is the past, the present, and the future. He knows the path for you; He set it into motion long ago.

Comfort and Reassurance are in Abundance

God walks beside each of His creations, but unconsciously, because not everyone has accepted Him into their hearts, they cannot hear His footsteps, see His shadow and feel His presence. It is profoundly comforting to know that the Lord is beside you, and it does no one good to refuse this fact, whether deliberately or not. Through all trials and tribulations, God offers His hand. He is there when you cry. He is there when you are angry. And by being embraced by His vast warmth, even the darkness is alight.

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