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Yelena Borichevska talks all about life and faith in her book She Let God Write Her Story, detailing the utmost kindness her family and strangers gave her on her spiritual journey.

Kindness is a virtue. It’s one of the oldest and the most important. Without kindness, not much could be done, societally speaking. Civilization would not even exist if not for the presence of kindness. Kindness compels individuals to work together; it binds them to a shared goal and creates groups that move forward to betterment and community-making.

Kindness is the bedrock of society.

But, in the past few years, people have seen kindness as a liability. They regard it with deep skepticism and scoff at practicing it. Some even laugh when other people are kind. The world now is so full of cynicism that people find it hard to distinguish what is genuine kindness and what is thinly veiled opportunism.

What has happened? When did kindness, that sweet and pleasant sensation, become something to be wary of? Where has the awe and reverence for kindness gone, replaced with mistrust?

People should go back to scripture and learn what kindness can bring to the community and the spirit.

There is the Supernatural and Great Power in Kindness

Their kindness distinguished Jesus Christ as the Son of God and elevated the Apostles and the saints. Their kindness revealed them to be entities working for a higher power. Kindness and love brought Christ to the cross, sacrificing himself so that everyone would be forgiven and given a chance at eternal life within the new paradise that would arise in the End Times.

Knowing what Christ has done in kindness, it is difficult not to see the divinity that comes with being kind and offering that kindness to whosoever wishes it from you. As Christ said in Matthew 5:40-43 NIV:

  1. If someone wants to protest your presence, give them your shirt, as well as your coat.
  2. If someone wants to walk with you for a mile, walk with them for two miles.
  3. If someone asks something of you, give it to them.
  4. If someone asks to borrow from you, let them borrow from you.
  5. Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.

Kindness is the cornerstone of what it means to be a Christian. When Paul (2 Corinthians 6:1-13) proclaimed that he was a true apostle, he did so by listing his many struggles and understanding patience, kindness, and sincere love. Through kindness, Paul of Tarsus became one of the apostles.

What Is the Difference Between Niceness and Kindness?

Kindness and niceness are not the same. Although both have similarities, nowhere in the bible is there mention of niceness, only the advocacy of kindness. Niceness is relatively superficial when you think about it. When are you nice? It is only as a veneer when interacting with others, a barrier; niceness is simply the appearance of goodness.

On the other hand, kindness is more direct; it has a more active component. When you think of a kind individual, it is someone who goes out of their way to bring help and joy to those around them. In this sense, kindness can be valued as a way of life, a method of living in an increasingly atomized world. For God knows, kindness is in short supply these days.

How Are We to Become Kind?

As said before, kindness is a way of life. With niceness, you only have to bring it up during social interactions, but with kindness, there must be a firm conviction in one’s heart and the willingness to instill it within every action committed.

But, as for concrete displays of kindness, there are plenty of avenues an honest Christian can take:

  • Greeting your neighbors.
  • Smiling to everyone you meet.
  • Offering help to those in need.
  • Provide company for the pariahs in the community.

Learn More About Kindness and Reflect on Its Light

Because of the kindness of the people around her, Yelena Borichevska was able to find faith and spirituality. Read her book She Let God Write Her Story and learn about her journey and what it means to live a life under the loving grace of God.

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