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When you let go, you give God a clean slate to do His excellent work in your life.

Do you wonder how one lets go and lets God? Paul says in Hebrew 12:1 to throw off everything that hinders you and the sin that so easily entangles you. Every day people have a chance to renew their hearts in Christ. This allows God to take all that hinders them so they can run the race marked for them. Giving it to God may seem scary, but your surrender will bring peace. 

To run with perseverance, runners must let go of everything (including hidden baggage). Some runners will even shave their body hairs because a clean, slick surface makes all the difference. Every day people must choose to let go of what is behind so they have a smooth surface surrendered to God. You give God a pure slate to do His mighty work in your life when you let go. 

Letting Go And Letting God

It means to submit fully to Jesus when you let go and let God. You are letting go of whatever you have been trying to do on your own so God can do what He can. Surrendering to God is giving up. It tells God that you are not big enough to deal with your worries, and He must take over. 

When you finally let go, you give God room to wield His mighty arm in your life. God’s hands are strong and powerful when you are weak and tired!

Let Go And Let God: 5 Ways To Do It

Letting go and letting God is an everyday, moment-by-moment choice. Like every discipline, one must know how to surrender and give it to Jesus. The enemy searches every new day to cloud people’s minds with doubts, fears, and worries. Letting go and letting God must become your daily lifestyle.

Whenever the ugly voices of negative thoughts seek to invade your space, you must cut them and give them to Jesus at once. The Lord’s mercies are new every morning, so what happened a decade ago, last year or yesterday is all gone. Carrying the past around you will only take up space for God’s goodness, favor, and grace. 

Renewing your hearts and minds in God means letting go of all the weight He died for the sake of you. Let go and let God take control. Let go and let God have your fears and worries. Let go and let God manage your finances. Let go and let God drive your future.

You can now start letting go and letting God do things for you in the following ways:

1. Start each day by giving it to God. Do not take your mistakes from yesterday into the clean slate of today. Mentally shave off every doubt, worry, error, fear, and anxiety from your mind each day.

2. Give it to God by starting each day with prayer. Talk to God. Yes, the day is full of duties and responsibilities, but the first is to speak to Him. Acknowledge God. Tell Him that you are thankful for His sacrifice for your life and that you love Him. Invite God’s Spirit to guide you daily. And that before you speak to someone, talk to God. God will set your day on the right path.

3. Give it to God by starting each day with Scripture. Open your Bible and continue reading the passage from the previous day. Use a Bible App, even look through your emails and find inspiring verses sent to you. The Bible is active, living, and like cool water for your thirsty soul.

4. Give it to God by surrounding yourself with encouragement. You will never make it alone. It would help if you had people speaking the truth in your life. You can also try listening to podcasts, reading books, watching videos, and listening to Christian music that encourages your spirit and boosts your faith. Always be on the lookout for resources and people you can add as spiritual buffers to your life.

5. Give it to God by renewing your mind continually. The world will always try to add doubts and worries to your day, so you must maintain your spiritual health! Always surrender your fears to God. Believe and trust Jesus is for you, for He loves you and wants nothing but the best for you. Know that you can fully rest in His strength and do not have to worry, for the Creator of the World is on your side.

Final Words

How are you giving it to God every day? Are you fully surrendering to Him in every aspect? If you want to learn more about letting go and letting God take control of your life, check out Yelena Borichevska’s book “She Let God Write Her Story Book.” The book is about Yelena`s life story after the 9/11 attack.   Also, leave a comment below about things you have let go of and let God handle them!

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