Everyone has had those days when they’d rather not deal with anything and spend the rest of the year doing nothing. Even if this were the case, we could not possibly make it through these trying times in this way! Focus on improving your own motivation instead.

Keeping going is much easier at certain points in time. In contrast, motivation tends to fade away, especially if we fail. Failing isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you learn from your mistakes. A fine line exists between giving up when things get difficult and truly striving to grow as a result, and it’s important to know when to draw the line. Examining your own motives is a more effective method.

Here will provide ways how to motivate yourself to keep going as well as how you can encourage someone not to give up.

How to Motivate Oneself

When inspiration or energy doesn’t strike when we expect it to, we become discouraged. Or, we may assume we’re doing something encouraging or proactive while, in fact, we aren’t doing anything at all. Most of the time, motivation is the result of an action, not the cause of it.

Here are some of the ways you can motivate yourself:

Get Closer to God

When you’re feeling down, there’s no better place to turn than to God for inspiration. Believing in something you can’t see is an act of faith. This will help you keep your faith in the fact that things will get better. When you need a little additional motivation, spend some time in prayer and reading the Bible.

Furthermore, reading a story about how God can help people keep going on in their lives, such as in Yelena Borichevska’s book She Let God Write Her Story,” can help inspire you to ask for God’s help as well.

Get Over the Habit of Comparing Yourself to Others

In our social media-driven society, this can be difficult. A lot of the time, all we see are the good parts of the people in our lives. There is more to the tale than you see online. Everybody is dealing with something; everybody has rough days, just like you.

Be inspired by others, but don’t let yourself down if you’re not on the same level as them. Keep an eye out for situations that appear to be better than your own. Nobody’s life is flawless, remember?

Self-Care Is Essential; Think Positively About Yourself

Dopamine is released by our brains when we anticipate a reward, making us happy. Keep track of your progress and reward yourself as you go. Put yourself in the company of positive people who can assist you in achieving your goals.

Don’t linger on the negativity if you fail; instead, search for methods to grow. If some situations are truly harmful to your well-being, then you have every right to stop or give up.

It may be better to stop if it is making you unwell or utterly miserable. Nevertheless, it can be a tremendous method to rediscover oneself to change directions.

Motivating Others

Because no one can do anything without the help of other people, having the ability to encourage other people is essential to one’s success both in the workplace and in everyday life, as well as for the future. Every single one of us requires the assistance of other people.

So, what are some effective methods for inspiring others? Here are some effective ways:

Encourage Them

Many people avoid pursuing their dreams because they are afraid of failing or looking foolish, and this is where you come in. They need your support. When it comes to starting a dream, this is the most crucial stage. Encourage them by making them feel and understand that they can do what they aim to do. Relate to them so they can feel that they are not alone in this world that they are afraid of.

Listen to What They Want to Do

Motivation rarely comes from lecturing someone; rather, it comes from within, and this is where most people begin their efforts to enlist others’ help. You can effectively inspire others by first learning about their goals and aspirations. Ask about their aspirations and desires. If it’s something you’d like to see more of, then follow these steps.

Ask How You Can Give Assistance

Even though other people are unlikely to require anything from you most of the time, it is still polite to offer any assistance you can. Simply letting the person know that you are present will be enough to push them to get started. And who knows, perhaps your abilities can be of some use.

Wrapping It Up

It is not necessary to sit about and wait for the motivation to strike. But it will need effort on your part to maintain your progress. By following the effective ways shown above, you will be able to motivate yourself to keep up with life as well as encourage the people around you to go after their ambitions and realize their dreams.

In exchange, you’ll experience an increase in desire to achieve your objectives, you’ll find yourself surrounded by successful individuals, and others will want to assist you in realizing your ambitions.

If you want a good read related to this topic, you can get a copy of the book “She Let God Write Her Story” by Yelena Borichevska on Amazon.

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