God is our creator, and He gave us free will. If you’re faced with a major decision, you may hope God would simply write His will for you in the sky or speak directly to you. As a matter of fact, God rarely chooses to make His will for your life as clear as this. Instead, He wants you to persevere in your quest to seek His guidance.

Similar to Yelena Borichevska’s book “She Let God Write Her Story,” Yelena found out what the will of God was for her as she trusted the Lord and His guidance. So, how can we know God’s Will for our lives? Here are the ways:

Seek God’s Guidance in Your Life

You should know that the individuals with whom you spend the most time are the ones who make up the majority of who you are. As a result, it’s important that you pick those people wisely. God’s plan for your life can be discerned if you surround yourself with godly mentors and counselors. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with people who are far from Him, your chances of finding God’s best will for your life will be considerably low.

It is essential that you seek the advice of godly people in your life to discover God’s desire. If you don’t yet have godly mentors, we highly advise that you do so immediately.

Walk with the Lord

Walking with God is the best way to discover God’s will for your life. You need to get to know Him better. Relationships are at the heart of Christianity, not simply doctrine.

As a result, you must work to improve your relationship with God. Not merely learning about Him will suffice; getting to know Him is essential.

A great way to build a strong connection with God is to spend time in His Word, pray, and participate in worship and small group Bible study programs on a regular basis. As soon as you put these practices into action, God will begin the process of showing you His plan.

You Need to Evaluate Your Situation

God makes it very evident what He has planned for our life by aligning the circumstances in our lives in obvious ways. In the same manner, He reveals to us what it is not in our best interest to accomplish in accordance with His will.

More so, if it is not God’s will for you to accept the job that is not being offered to you, thus you should not do so.

Allow God to Have Control of Your Life

If you want to know what God wants you to do, you have to make a commitment to following through on His plans for your life. It’s unlikely that God will reveal His plan if it’s clear that you won’t follow through on it. Surely, if Jesus is prepared to die for us, why can’t we? As long as we put our faith in Him, He will lead us in the right direction.

Mind How God Made You

You were made by God for a specific purpose. No one else can do what God has set out for you to perform perfectly and totally. Pay attention to how God has blessed you while you search for God’s will in your life.

Whatever He has in store for you will always be tied back to the blessings He has given you. The good news is that no matter what He asks you to do, you will instantly be excellent at it.

Follow God’s Will That is Handed Out Already.

Despite the fact that many people seem to be interested in discovering God’s will for their lives, they tend to be unaware of the reality that most of it is already clearly laid out in His Word. When it comes to the details of God’s will, He is quite specific.


Think about the methods listed above the next time you begin to wonder about God’s plan for your life. Use these guidelines to help you focus on God’s purpose for your life. He has a plan for your life, and it will be yours if you seek it out.

If you want an encouraging book that helps you find out what God’s will for your life is, order a copy and read Yelena Borichevska’s “She Let God Write Her Story,” available at Amazon.

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