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God provides everyone with blessings and graces that each of us needs. But a question that lingers in many minds is, “Does God disguise blessings for His children?”

Yelena Borichevska is an author who has experienced God’s “blessings in disguise” in her life. Her book She Let God Write Her Story tells her story as a young girl who migrated from Ukraine to the United States. Things weren’t always easy, but she always had God to guide and protect her.

God does amazing feats that defy the laws of nature, even though we cannot see God physically. Does the fact that God operates through means we cannot see imply that He purposefully “disguises” His efforts for His people? Let’s look at what the Holy Bible thinks about this.

God’s Blessings to Joseph

In Genesis 37, Joseph the Dreamer was abandoned by His brothers and was transported to Egypt as an enslaved person. He was later imprisoned for an offense he didn’t commit. Joseph eventually became Egypt’s second-highest official after the Pharaoh (King).

Due to a severe famine, Joseph’s brothers traveled to Egypt for food for their community. After a long absence, Joseph could forgive his brothers and reunite with his father. Despite his difficulties, he never lost faith in God because he was sure God had a plan for everything.

God’s magnificent operation for Joseph was obviously to elevate him and advance Jacob’s (his father’s) lineage.

Job’s Struggles and His Blessings as a Children of God

A wealthy father named Job lost his kids and everything he possessed in one day. He did not stray from his beliefs because he knew what faith has in store for those who place their hearts in God’s. Even when Job was at the lowest point of his life, he acknowledged God. God then rewarded him with things he hardly could have anticipated.

In the final moments, God gave Job twofold the amount he had previously owned and restored everything Job had lost. He was given a long life, three more daughters who were the most stunning women in the country by the Lord, and seven more sons!

One could argue that this is proof that God disguise blessings for His children, but if that is so, it doesn’t change how generous God is. Like Yelena Borichevska’s past situations, God turned things around and proved to her that many of those experiences were blessings in disguise.

God Disguise Blessings for His Children as Our Creator

All things are possible for God. He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-present. He secretly arranges events in our life to bring us closer to Himself.

Everything that exists today was created by God alone, the only Great Designer and Life-Giver, which is a tremendous blessing. There are moments when we fail to recognize it.

Picture a day wherein the Sun refuses to shine for an entire week. Imagine if there was no rain for the whole year. During these great moments of distress, don’t we always call for God’s help and mercy?

It’s sad that we only think of God during troubling times, but we fail to be grateful for what happens to us daily. We must never forget that everything we can experience in this world is given to us by God, through Him, and from Him.

They Might Not Be What We Wished for, But They Are What We Need

Blessings frequently take different forms than what we would anticipate. The changes in our hearts due to our hardships are blessings God is brewing. If we go through many types of challenges, are we not blessed?

Remember that the true blessings are God’s life and the love He gave us. For those who believe, the salvation He provides in Jesus Christ is an unfathomably great blessing in and of itself. Blessed are those who confess Jesus as Lord and Savior and believe in him.

We Remain to be Blessed by God Every Day

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be, “Does God disguise blessings for His children?” Instead, maybe the question should be, “What blessings does God not provide to His children?”

Individuals like Yelena Borichevska, who are grateful for God’s great blessings, know that God will never leave us. Regardless of whether God disguises His blessings, one thing is sure: His grace and blessings will forever rain on us—His beloved children.

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