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She Let God Write Her Story, a book about finding God’s perfect salvation plan by Yelena Borichevska, discusses how the Lord guided her to prosperity and fulfillment.

Everyone is born with God’s divine plan impressed upon all the walls and corners of their hearts and souls. It manifests in the ears of believers as the call to faith and goodness; it dwells within the mind as the urge to worship and pray. The divine plan, the pathway to eternal salvation, is always ringing inside everyone, but it can only ever be read if one works toward it. 

It would be wondrous to know what it is at day one, knowing at birth or when you are at a certain age that you need not worry about life’s decisions because God has already laid them out for you. Yet, God does not wish for His children to be like the drones of an ant colony, which follow only the scent of their queen, unthinking and never looking inward. It is not God’s desire to have His children be slavish believers; if He demanded such a thing, He would not have given humanity the gift of free will. It is His will that man comes to Him because of love and trust, and faith, not because of obsession, opportunism, and oppression. 

God’s perfect salvation plan exists inside everyone, but it only opens when one lets go and trusts in it without questioning and without doubting where it may lead. One should let go and let God write their story. 

There is no denying that if life is a path, then it is full of confusion and distraction; only the most steadfast among men and women have the will to persist until the end. 

Each individual is plagued by the noise, the cacophony of living, and sometimes the sounds get too loud that everything is drowned out, and it becomes difficult to know what should be done. In this chaos, it is easy for someone to forget the open hand of the Lord and the wonders that blossom with His fingers. 

But is it not through struggle and conflict that the faithful grows and becomes better than they were before the pain? Does Joshua 1:9 not precisely speak of this?

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

In the book about God’s perfect salvation plan by Yelena Borichevska, She Let God Write Her Story, she describes following what was written inside her heart by the Lord and being granted the full-heartedness of living life without fear. Individual believers must be like Saul of Tarsus in this instance, as he was reborn and given a new life: “What shall I do, Lord?”

In Search of God’s Plan

As has been mentioned before, though God’s plan can be found inside everyone, it is not initially clear and must be read with great conviction and faith. It is only in the most faithful among us that the divine plan becomes clear in its prescriptions. Here are two simple ways to get a glimpse at God’s perfect salvation plan.

  1. Rejoice Always, Pray Continually, and Give Thanks in All Circumstances; this is God’s will for you in Christ. (1 Thess 5:16-18). Prayer is extremely beneficial not only for finding faith but for the mind as well as the heart. It helps a believer ground themselves and not be pulled at the roots to stray away. You should always find the time to pray, to account for the Lord, your trespasses, your triumphs, and your devotion. Prayer is not merely a way to call upon the mercy and wisdom of God but to offer thanks for having granted you one more day and everything else.
  2. I appeal to you, brothers and sisters–in the name of Christ–that all of you agree with one another in what is said and there be no divisions among you; that you all are united in both mind and thought. (1 Cor 1:10) One of the best ways to discover God’s path for you is to be amongst fellow believers and to find yourself in a shared community. There is an appeal to become a lone wolf, one who goes their own way and seeks the light of God by themselves, but all believers, all men, and all women, are sheep seeking His guiding hand; and a shepherd does not tolerate the wolf. This does not mean that being by yourself and being alone are sinful acts, merely that the attempt to go at it alone always poisons the mind into thinking it is above others. Always remember that in the eyes of God, everyone is of equal stature, none below and none above. 

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