Yelena was born and raised in Rivne, Ukraine, and moved to America’s Vancouver when she was almost seventeen. Yelena has always considered herself blessed beyond limits because of being raised by her God-loving and God-fearing parents. She considers her parents, siblings, friends, and every individual that touched her life as the greatest gifts from the most generous God. She has always been passionate about doing everything for God’s glory and choosing his will for her life. Lena strongly believes that believing in God’s perfect salvation plan through Jesus and having a close personal relationship with God can get anyone through any challenges and trials in life. Plus, the belief offers the greatest hope for an amazing eternity. She also believes that trials are an integral part of anyone’s life allowed by God for us to grow and exercise trust and dependence on him as he desires to be our greatest resource, helper, and advocate, which he achieves through the Holy Spirit if we let him.

Yelena loves being a mom to her daughter Ashley. She has two brothers, five sisters, thirteen nephews, and six nieces. For over a decade, Yelena worked in the local health care, where she poured her love and skills into patients and co-workers. She runs a successful real estate business, which rewards her with happy clients and finances she can generously share with those in need (as she always dreamed) and is working on reaching other dreams and goals that God has carved in her heart. Yelena loves spending time with her family, traveling, being in nature, rollerblading, reading, and impacting others in a positive way, even if it is just giving them her smile.

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